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Integration Sessions
and Multidimensional Healing Sessions

We activate people for 5D, after their spiritual Twin Flame awakening

Many people first experience an awakening, but can become easily confused, disillusioned and overwhelmed.  Multidimensional Energy Healing:  When a persons energy is blocked I can feel it.   I work from a very high level to effect easy healing to your Chakras (Subtle Bodies) and the connection with your true Love. We are here to clear and open new chakras, heal and integrate your New Connections from 5D
A million things can distract you, stay on track with our routine, webinars and sessions.
Spending the Day Outside

Twin Flame Spirit Chat - Just Talk to Someone! 

A Talk Session beyond coaching to guide you, sort out confusion, determine your next steps and help you to understand the nature of the connection. Learn your color ray, your angelic lineage. When you have had an awakening, or feel overwhelmed, please start here! I can distinguish a soul mate from twin flame energy. Far beyond a tarot reading and will help you to be precise and guided. One Hour via zoom or phone ($150 no energy work is done| no refunds)​

Alternative Therapy

Twin Flame Reconnection® Session

Twin Flame Reconnection® is an 5D High Heart Energy session which will open your initial 5D High Heart connections.  As we open your 5D Heart & Throat Chakra, we help you Integrate and Reconnect to Twin Flame' Eheric Body. We make recommendations for the two weeks following and provide recording.  (no refunds) We recommend to have several sequential sessions (8 of them). Energy healing and integration is done.  This session is specifically for the Integration of the New Template.  We provide instructions for what to do in the week following your Session.  1 hour via zoom or phone $180 (No Refunds)​

Video Consultation

Spirit Subtle Body Energy Integration®

For the first major subtle body: The Spirit.  The human spirit is run by ego, now that is shifting to the much larger SPIRIT.  Healing and Integration to assist you to Uplevel, heal, and be well.  You feel better in the very first session, however we recommend 3 sessions to focus you. Your Spirit will run your life, not your Ego so this is an important session. Especially good for breakups, lawsuits, addictions, work situations and if you have children.  One hour via zoom or phone $200 (no refunds)

Just Talk to Someone!
Twin Flame Spirit Chat®

My Twin Flame Spirit Chat ® Session offers you a new perspective!  I am well versed in the awakening process of love.  This session will help you with sensible guidance and answers.  Are you breaking patterns, concluding a relationship or marriage?  Find out how to move into a new level and a new confidence on your Love Journey. A great session to help you, with discernment and find out more about who you are.  You will feel more energetic afterward.  Though this is not an "energy healing" per se, this session will help you boost you to higher vibration. Topics can be: Divorce, breakups, Moves, jobs, people, relationships, ascending children etc.

In this one hour live session we meet online or phone. This is a "talk" session, yet, your Throat chakra and Crown will begin to open, will sort blocks, makes your opening of other chakras smoother.  Talk to a professional who "gets you" and  understands the process, your journey and the obstacles.

Other information:  Your Color Ray and the Significance, your Mission, your Angelic Lineage and Starseed Lineage. We help you eliminate the fluff! No Energy work is done. Guidance & Recommendations are made (no refunds)

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Integration Sessions for your

New Template of Relationship

Twin Flame Reconnection® Session  ($180)

A Reconnection of the New High Heart Connections into the Heart Chakra opening session. For

  • "Ego Breakdown" ( anxiety, depression bipolar sensations) Upper Body issues, such as Gastric reflux, breathing issues and removing "Heart Blocks"

  • Ascension symptoms

  • Rejection and breakups.

By using Twin Flame Body® techniques we open your Etheric Body (and shared marmas) & begin clearing the patterns & toxic buildup of the past. Energy work is done. (3 sessions are recommended plus we will recommend Twin Flame Body movement and instructions to help you build up. (no refunds)

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Session to focus on you, and get specific about topics that will move you forward.  45 minutes via zoom or phone (no refunds)

Online Sessions for Next Level Integration

Cosmic Heart Reconnection Session

A connection from Soul Level taking you dimensionally to feel the higher part of you and your true love. This helps clear the cosmic past. Have you felt the dimensional aspect of your twin flame?  This Session has aspects of a Past Life Regression but at a Much deeper level. Deep aspects of abandonment, betrayal, grief. If your “manifestor” is broken, you cannot get enthusiastic or unstuck for life.  If you feel that your connection is  lost and you are struggling to regain the feelings, this would be an excellent session for you. (No Refunds)

I offer Tutorials & Specific Twin Flame Ascension & Relationship topics. Click the "Shop"  or "Store" menu item to see our multiple books, webinars and tutorials on the subject of Twin Flames!

Where to focus

When you focus on you, when you do my work, you and your true other half benefit. It is truly that simple!

Get Started with Our latest book in the Twin Flame Ascension series, Twin Flame Foundations. 

Twin Flame Body® ebooks
Twin Flame Foundations ($25)

Hello! This is an important first ebook in my Twin Flame Body® Ascension series. This book will introduce people to the real feel and information behind "twin flames" and what this is all about.  I address your shared connections through your subtle bodies. I provide techniques in this book.  Though you may "mentally" or logically know that you have an Etheric Connection, it can be hard to FEEL it. Click to see table of contents -Get started today! 

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Patricia McNeilly

Internationally Recognized Ascension Expert,  Developer of Twin Flame Reconnection® Modality , and Twin Flame Body® (New Light Body). Patricia is an expert on soul mate and twin flame connections for a person's Journey.  She is a Master Multidimensional Energy Healer& Ascension Coach. How does a former AVP Mortgage Banker & Body Shop owner become a top level healer? Through the TOUGH Journey!I have truly completed the Ascension Cycles (9) and am here to help make this easy for you. Both of you!

Twin Flame Energy Healing and Integration in Person

Energy Healing specifically for activated persons!  Get Relaxed and Guided in a new way.  My Energy work is Twin Flame Reconnection® Healing, done in person to your physical and metaphysical bodies, which can help you on multiple levels and chakras.  This is a live, in person, on my table, energy healing.  Many people experience a blissful sleep, while I work.  You are safe, comfortable and enveloped in Love.  A rapid way to integrate, heal and feel so much better.  I recommend dressing comfortably and plan for a little over an hour.  By appointment, meet at my studio on the northwest side of Chicago by appointment. ($200)



want REAL LOVE? A true soul connection?

We are here to help you FEEL your Soul Match from inside you, from above you and to magnetize them to you. There are techniques I have developed to ease you into this as part of your new routine. Join our group to have weekly and monthly support.

 You have a Love Story & Journey! Ascension & sensations are huge part of your Success and Health!

Almost everyone, will meet someone who somehow "feels familiar" yet how to tell if they are "friend or foe", Lover or "enemy"?  Do you want to know how to get through that? Try my basics within my books to help you get started.  See my specialty Webinars which include a Coaching Session.

By creating prompts through your body, through your actions. This is an important, first step in your Awakening Process. You may be aware of certain things so far, but Internally, you are creating more and necessary wake ups on the inside.

  • Remove the Inner Turmoil and Bring balance

  • Use your New Body Connections instead of psychology or the mind

Time to begin YOUR LIFE.

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Feel young again, youthful, vibrant, and alive.  Stop waiting around for tarot cards, and videos.  If you Feel its Time,  why not get some guidance and clarity on what what you have been expecting.  We are here to assist with sensible guidance.   Getting clear so that you can make the best decisions is truly empowering.


Our Passion for Wellness: Meet Twin Flames Reconnection.

We're here to assist you with any questions or inquiries you may have. Please feel free to reach out to us using the contact form below, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. If you're interested in our Sessions, you can also click the button below to learn more.

We Accept Visa,Mastercard, Paypal, Venmo, Square, Western Union. We are not set up to accept Bitcoin. 

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