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Patricia is a great and a truly gifted Twin Flame Healer.  She is very intuitive about guiding you on what you should be doing to help you on your path.  I have had several energy sessions with her and after each session I feel amazing and things shift very quickly to get you to the next level over several days especially if you do what is recommended.  That is key.  I am truly appreciative of her devotion to healing Twin Flames!

Elisabeth D. From Illinois USA

Happy Woman

I have worked with Patricia for the past 2 years and I don't regret it! Every dollar I spent in her private session and practitioner course has brought me the reward of true love and union. When I started to feel my true love, it was puzzling and emotionally nerve reckoning. I did not know what to do, and often felt helpless and alone. My work with Patricia has helped me empower myself through my connection with my true love. I have written a love song, love letters and had countless fantasies on how I want to share my life with my beloved. After practicing Patricia's exercises and followed her lifestyle recommendations, my connection to my true love grew exponentially. I was able to feel him at a physical level. I often caught myself kissing the air, my own skin or touching myself in a tender and loving way. The concept of sex has become sacred to me. My heart is leading me back to my beloved. I believe there are many other twin flame coaches and healers out there, but Patricia's guidance is the only thing that has truly made an impact on my life and the life of my twin flame. The love that I feel for my twin has no boundaries, I feel him in every person I encounter, in the ocean, the trees, the sky, and even the walls of my apartment. He is present in the air I breathe and inside every cell of my body. True love, does exist and dreams do come true.

N. D. from Phoenix USA

Female Chef

Patrícia is a very kind soul and teacher - the way she addresses things and what she might understand about you - and the way she communicates these things is very delicate, warm, and empathic. She's also very clear and relays the information in a simple way so it's easy to understand. This is just "Mastery" because you can work with the advices in a more receptive way and integrate them with no offense. I enjoyed the webinar because of the atmosphere and the calming ways to pass information. This has given me a feeling of trust and I felt at ease. 
I think working with Patrícia on this level is highly important for your ascension and easing things up as far as possible.

Karlita from Canada

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