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Is it possible to only get your period only 8 Times per year?

Yes with your New Etheric Body Connections!  By the time I "cycled down" I had it 4 times per year until full menopause, which was so blissful.  All the pleasure, natural lubrication and sensation,  none of the pain.


Women's Body Issues in Ascension

In my 3 part webinar, you will learn why so many women, including yourself are experiencing strange menstrual cycles. This is a part of the upcoming changes and yet can be improved so you do not have major pain or discomfort. There is a new level to help women ENJOY LOVE, Lovemaking and childbirth. It is time, if you have oddly spaced out menstrual cycles to get yourself this helpful webinar. 

I include a one on one Coaching session to pinpoint specifics for you.

I cover what supplements, herbs and ancestral issues you may be healing!  Only you can integrate the New Blueprint for these cycles even if you are menopause.  ($180)

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