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What is a Twin Flame?

If you are not sure if you are a Twin Flame, rest assured you will be reminded again and again.  This is the main purpose in awakening, by your Soul, so that you can heal the damaged caused by others and come home to love.  The "Twin Flame" is the exact matching Etheric Body, the larger subtle body that you share, only one of several shared subtle bodies and connection points called Marmas.  It is why you feel someone, and no longer feel everyone, even if you are highly empathic or sensitive.  One of you leads, the other steps in the other's footsteps and you each take turns so do not neglect to do the work I teach!  Have a session today!

IN SEPARATION PHASE  -  believe it or not, the majority of awakened Twin Flames are in separation.  It is ON PURPOSE!  You need to expand!  In the in between time,  you will still need to learn, heal, purge, integrate and it can really throw you off course.  It is worse if you have certain responsibilities such as being in a current relationship, or having a marriage and children.  We have ways to help you with your awakening and ascension without further disrupting your life, getting you on track and helping you continue with your healing and being who you truly are.​

Online Meditation

WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?   The world is "worn out!" and needs to detach from the old ways, old patterns and grow.  There is a New Template of Relationship, and that template is like a raw blueprint, it helps guide you, and simultaneously, your form it to yourself.  It helps you to “relate” to things here, at this level, things and people in your life, your work, your health, finances, body and family.  Yet, the much higher purpose of the new Template, is to have higher Love which is deeply passionate.  Do not become deterred by this, because it is a process and we are here to guide you, help you, and make it easy. 

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Patricia McNeilly has over 15 years of experience helping people with their Twin Flame, Spiritual Awakenings and Ascension.  Patricia’s focus is Twin Flame Activations. Patricia is a very skilled Multidimensional Energy Healer. A certified Reiki Master, Patricia has created Twin Flame Reconnection® Healing, for Twin Flame awakenings, Ascension & Symptoms. Patricia frequently holds live events at Aura Holistic & Wellness. Located in Aurora Illlinois a suburb of Chicago, it is a place for alternative healing methods such as Energy Healing, Meditations, Juicing classes, Vision Boarding, massage and Acupuncture. Patricia holds classes for the journey such as: Twin Flame Breath, Stop being an Empath & How to Open your Channels! 

Hello Patricia,  Thank you for your incredible work. You have helped me the mist out of all the guides on YouTube, you are truly a blessing. I did and each time I watch I learn something new. Thanks very much. I also purchased another one(webinars) about twin flames and will likely be buying one more. Pam M. Maine USA.
Your precious gift and work brings so much help and joy to others and the positive energy coming from it is spreading and spreading into the world, thank you, Patricia!!! Blessings, Susanne
Patricia is a great and a truly gifted Twin Flame Healer.  She is very intuitive about guiding you on what you should be doing to help you on your path.  I have had several energy sessions with her and after each session I feel amazing and things shift very quickly to get you to the next level over several days especially if you do what is recommended.  That is key.  I am truly appreciative of her devotion to healing Twin Flames!  LD from Illinois
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