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Ascension Symptoms

If you dont believe in Miracles, perhaps you’ve forgotten, you are one!
Patricia McNeilly is a Soul Mate, and Twin Flame Body and Ascension Expert. Meet her at the intersection where the Biology of the Body meets the Art of Love. Patricia is
the creator of the internationally known, trademarked Twin Flame Reconnection® Modality for smooth healing, ascension and Love. The author of 30 copyrighted classes and
workshops on these topics of Ascension, and 7 books to make it understandable, easy and passionate.
For those who seek to improve and need guidance, I am available. I offer One On One
Sessions, Energy movement, Guidance, webinars and classes. 

Do you have questions about your Twin Flame Ascension, Energy experiences, Music Messages, Guidance, Soul Mates, Twin Flames, what you should heal? 

Do you wonder what you should be doing to "Do the Work"? are you tired of chasing those shadows and having "readings" which get you nowhere? 

Are you feeling  "WOKE BUT BROKEN"  in any way? 

Are you bored with readings, and tarot cards, conspiracy theories ?  

You are in the right place! 

Write me your questions to Patricia at

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Couple by the Beach

This is about your Love Story, an eternal loving ride!

through your Etheric Twin Flame Body!

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