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More Services

Reiki Treatment

We do a lot more than just "readings"  we are serious about your Ascension and Healing.  I am able to meet you in person if you are in the Chicago Area.  I offer Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing and opening you and Reconnecting you to your Etheric Body Connections.  I also do House Clearings. 

In Person Energy Healing

Twin Flame Reconnection  - My Gift is to work from a very deep and high level and I can feel the other half of you.   This is what baffles people and what doctors cannot account for.  I have been very successful in person to move your energies and bring relief for stuck energy, old injuries and Emotional blocks to the Psyche.  Let me Reconnect you!

I meet with you in person, and when we schedule, plan to relax for about 1.5 for the session. $180

House Clearing - Shift and Improve the Energy in your Home

Your Home: Do you feel odd energies, hear sounds, see things from the corner of your eye and wonder what it is? Is it some type of Presence? Do you wonder if your house is haunted?  Have you had some event in your home, such as a death, or divorce?  Are you the victim of alcoholic, drug or domestic violence abuse?  Has someone been heavily drinking or doing drugs in your home? Your Home should begin to be your Love Nest!  Would you like to eliminate and discard these negative energies to bring harmony and a peaceful loving atmosphere to your Home? Feel safe and Free again! $200

Couples Sessions

If you are with someone, living together, or married, and are experiencing some struggles, consider having a Couples Session.  Have you met someone and they or both of you are carrying the baggage from your previous relationship(s)?  My Energy healing can help get out grief, fears, get out of the rut and refocused.  I use 5D Love Energy and my Modality to assist with shifting the energies between you two.  I can help you get back on track faster than couples counseling since it involves your Energetic areas.  Frequently couples do not feel themselves when there is arguing and dissension in the house.  I can and help to get things better.  This may require more than one session.  Online via zoom or in person.  $200

Workshops, Groups and Events

Please watch my home page or here for special live events, meet ups, group gatherings, and special workshops on important topics.  As covid restrictions lift,  I will be planning more.


Let's Work Together

Meet me at my Studio or if you need me to go to your Location I can travel for a fee to cover gas, within a 50 mile radius of the Chicago Metropolitan area. 

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