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You will love this new book I've created, exactly to help you get started.  Even if this is not new to you, the techniques in this book will help and amaze you especially if you are in separation. 

Learn, grown and open and expand your main 5D High Heart Chakra of you has to "open the heart", the other feels it , and follows you.  This is perfect if you are currently "in separation".

You will learn and you should keep this as a reference it helps in many of the cycles that the Twin Flame journey takes you on.

Table of Contents

What exactly is a Twin Flame?

Types of Twin Flame Awakenings - some are intense!

Twin Flame Ascension - what it is, what to know

Twin Flame Stages and Phases

5D Heart Channel Opening - how to do it

Love Journey, what to know

Sensuality & Love Connections in your body - How to create the feelings to each other

In each section there are prompts, you can write a little or a lot. 

We are available for coaching for any of your stages, phases or if you need healing.  This book addresses aspects of the light body, and we can further help you with healing.  Your own light body will want to heal you, but if you're stuck, we are here for you!

We know you will love this book!





Twin Flame Journal & Workbook

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