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Hello! welcome to my eBook on Inner Healing.  This is a particularly important topic for your Twin Flame Ascension and Journey.  In my book, you will learn how to identify symptoms and distinguish detoxification symptoms.  Each person in a Twin Flame Union goes through this, and the Inner areas of the Body are where you must strongly anchor one another.  I give you the basic "how-to" to do this efficiently.  I have instructions on Intermittent Fasting, Juicing and why this helps your Light body and new connections within.  The other topics are:


  • Love is A Multidimensional Experience 
  • Your Ability to Heal -Detoxification 
  • Ancient Times Taught About the Subtle Bodies 
  • Your Body’s Systems and The Higher Sequence 
  • Phantom Feelings And Sensations - It’s Real And It’s Past... 
  • Etheric Body Connection to your Mental and Emotional Body 
  • Daily Living - Day In and Day Out 
  • Being at Work Daily or Around Other People 
  • Natural Hygiene and Intermittent Fasting 
  • People Who Have Food Sensitivities 
  • The Oscillation Effect and Creating it Within 
  • Moon Energies, Time Shift and Time Crunches 
  • Cravings, Food Necessities, Nutrients and How to Tell 
  • Supplement and Stacking Nutrients to Assist Growth 
  • Juicing and The Live Principle 
  • Relationships to Foods and Mini Fasts 
  • Reintroducing Solid Foods 
  • Water and Electrolyte Balance 
  • Bridging the Light Body and Proper Nutrients 
  • Outline for Daily Living 
  • Teas and Supplements to Help 
  • Ego Re-Integration and The Etheric Body 
  • Your Heart, The Connection to Your Health
  • Use of Essential Oils and Soaps 
  • Rose Essential Oil To Heal 
  • Prime Your Day and Bring Up Sacral 
  • Twin Flame Prayer to Release Soul Mates 
  • Awareness Of The Body Is Paramount

Please Enjoy my book and feel great!

Twin Flame Ascension & Inner Healing

  • This file is a zip file, in PDF format.  Please download to your device and print if you like.   I printed mine and put into a 3 ring binder. BUt you can view on your device hopefully a larger device, which will make it easier to view.

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