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Hello and welcome to a good nights sleep in your new Light body.  My book has excellent instructions to help you become multidimensional, and achieve Lucid Sleep and Dreams.  Though this is a process when you follow the instructions in the book you will have these results.  The process is to shut down the Astral plane of 4D sleep during which many people experience odd dreams, restless nights and limited refreshing sleep.  You will have answers including "how to" by using my book.

The Contents include the following topics:

  • Twin Flames and The Great Dis-Entangling Of Soul Groups (soul mates)
  • Detaching from Soul Mates
  • Its Complicated! Love at Multidimensional Levels 
  • Feeling Overwhelmed and Rather Sick 
  • Sealing Your Stargates, Gateways and Cosmic Portals 
  • Your Heart, The Human Heart and Cosmic Heart 
  • Linear Time, Quantum Time and Moving Timelines during
  • Wake... 
  • The Elevation Process and New Dimensional Connections 
  • The New Ascended Level and The Old Paradigm 
  • Cosmic Level Healing 
  • The New Level- It is not 5D (not yet)
  • Leveling Up -The New Ascended Level of Living 
  • Sleeping In your Light Body at The New Level 
  • Physical Sleep Patterns, The Changes and Healing 
  • Dreams, Your Dreamtime and The Connection to Earth 
  • Acclimating Yourself to your New Level 
  • Sleeping Diagrams - Sleeping in your Light Body 
  • Emotions and Your Heart connection 
  • The Angelic Heart - Disentangling further 
  • Elevating during Sleep Time 
  • Descending - The Process 
  • Expanding Upward and Light Body Nurturance 
  • Turtles and Cats - An Exercise to Help your body adjust

Twin Flame - Ascension Sleep & Love

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