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Hello!   Welcome to my book which helps you learn about the Twin Flame Journey, and opening your Higher Etheric Body connection using more breathwork.  When you get this book you get peace of mind and confidence that "YOU CAN DO THIS"!  It does take time to swap out old connections for new ones yet the book is easy to follow.

My book gives a great outline and overview to easily create your NEW LIFYSTYLE, using simple ways, and movements.  ( must be fairly mobile but of any age).


  • A Glossary of common and confusing terminology
  • Love, Twin Flame Love and Life
  • Being Guided
  • Your Ascension Journey and  the direction that love brings you
  • Ascension Symptoms, what are they?
  • Healing, Activations, and Symptoms
  • The Etheric Body: Sensing, Feeling , and Experiencing
  • Your Etheric Body and the Old Paradigm Structure
  • The Etheric Body
  • Current Time, Timeline Shifts, and Ancient Lines
  • Feeling Crazy as well as Strange
  • Sex, Sexual Energy and Urges
  • Actively being Sexual and Masturbation
  • You have levels of Yourself
  • High Heart Body Channels
  • Breath, Breathing properly for your Light Body
  • Proper Breathing and Relief
  • Etheric Breath and Exercise
  • Instruction Diagram
  • Movement and Breath go together
  • Move it or ”Lose” it
  • Walking helps your Inflow Channels to Open

Twin Flame Ascension & Breath

  • Hi Thank you for purchasing my eBook!  I know you will find so much and you can actually read it again and see it help you through many cycles.

    If you need extra help with the INTEGRATION OF YOUR SPIRIT,  even if you do not feel dispirited, please consider having this session. click highlighted below


    Please use code:INTEGRATE for $25 off your session

    I look forward to helping you in your Ascension & Twin Flame Journey.

    Warm Regards

    Patricia McNeilly

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