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Services We Offer


I help you to Integrate your new structure called your "Light Body".  I can  remove fears traumas, phobias, and enable you to gain your confidence to be truly empowered.

Our Services - Whether you are New, Intend Refreshing yourself or seek some Deep, High 5D Experiences


Twin Flame Coaching / Ascension Coaching

New method of Coaching using your own 5D Guidance.  Helping you to feel right about the topic we are working on. Topics can include breakups, children, family, career, money or divorce. ($80 45 mins)


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5D Chakras Emergence Session

When you are off track, want your life back, You need a 5D Dimensional keycode activation for the level of healing which gets you deep and into Passion. 5D love can then upgrade and transform you. You will feel Unblocked and receive the 6D Activation during the 3 Days following.  Must have had 3 Spirit Subtle BodySessions.  Recommendations will be made. $250


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House Clearing & Blessing


New Home? Breakup/Divorce? Bad mojo?  If you have had someone in the house with addictions, domestic violence, or feeling weird vibes in your home I can help.  This is a local service to remove low level vibration resonances and clear your home and bless it. $200 plus travel fee if more than 25 miles

New Classes

Up & Away!

Questions? Patricia


This is a Safe Space and always a lovely group of people who are just like you!

We look forward to seeing you there!


Patricia McNeilly  



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Upcoming Classes for your New 5D Life via ZOOM!

ZOOM Online with us!


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Robb Walters

Twin Flame Ascension & Guide

This is a new way to do things, yet you will find it very sensible as I have laid things out over a year's time, start the year right!


Talk to a Gifted Healer who is a Twin Flame Ascension Expert


Lucid Dreams & Sleep - Deepen Perception & Intuitions

Upcoming class to help you DEEPEN, SLEEP BETTER ,  LUCID DREAM, get rid of Nightmares, and Deepen your experience.  Heighten your Perceptions, your Interpretation, and your Intuitions

STOP THE DRAMA! Twin Flame Relationships & Ascending Children

Discover the New Way to have a more divine relationship and learn about NO DRAMA to effectively steer things into a smoother direction for everyone concerned especially the Innocent bystanders to the Drama!  Are you having drama, tension, stress with people around you? at work, at home, with your teenagers?

Be the Sovereign in your family and transform the atmosphere and patterns!

Twin Flame Coaching  

Twin Flame Coaching is to help you rise above and find answer in your 5D self.  You can receive and achieve swifter results when I guide you to your own solutions.  Why are you doing something?  yet the solution must come in from a much higher place than the mind? Any topic to help you shift your situation for the better.  

  • Divorce and Breakups

  • TF Guidance beyond traditional tools such as: tarot, crystals, pendulums

  • Seeking to know what is "real" and what is a catalyst

  • Seeking answers about body symptoms or ongoing situations

  • Seeking answers and help for ascending children

 ( can be via zoom or phone)

Spirit Chat - Just Talk to Someone!

A one hour session to help because Spiritual Emergence is hard, being alone and lonely is hard.....feeling love that never is returned or acknowledged is have a great session with me!​

  • Met someone but do not know what it means? 

  • Now your life is turning upside down? 

  • Have you doubted yourself? Have you felt lost with guidance or direction?

  • Have you even questioned your own actions at times? 

  • Do you feel Confusion and are overwhelmed?

  • Do you want to know what to do to get the blockages out?

  • Do you get woken up at night?

Patricia McNeilly - Master Ascension and Twin Flame Healer & Teacher for 5D

I help "everyday" people experience their REAL SELVES!!

Twin Flame Journey 

 Past Lives?   Inner Child?   Narcissistic Abuse?


Do you get tired or bored with all the "running and chasing"  and really there not MORE to all of this? 


 "Why would the Divine awaken me only to drag me through so much stuff......isnt there a better way?"   Yes  and I GET RESULTS!  WHAT DO YOU NEED TO HEAL NEXT??


TWO ENERGIES - you are entwined but also entangled with lots of connections, that's where we start!




Do you know you have 20 more chakras to get opened up?


Hello!  Years ago when I started and worked with a person more than once, I became aware of one really huge thing:  The People I was helping were moving from "ordinary" to EXTRAORDINARY!!  Having amazing high level experiences, plus easing their discomfort and now, many of those people are with the person who LOVES THEM!  is Into them, and is an Attentive Lover!


I always have felt people to be special but sometimes, they themselves do not.....but it is not staying that way, we are breaking out of so many old levels, patterns and molds....yet without anger, well, not too much.


I specialize in helping people open their Next Set of Higher Chakras!  

To Open the inner "seeds"  New Template of 5D Relationship that is in EVERYBODY, whether they know it or not.


And you can only truly feel when you get this body work going!  I specialize in this during my group classes (webinars) and One on One sessions.


Get your own ESSENCE back from whomever it was lent out to.....or who stole it!  


Come back to Yourself,  attract REAL LOVE in your Life!  Attract the person who does not want to leave you, play games with you, or otherwise hold you in old patterns and illness.


Get the RETURN OF YOUR LIFE  - going!


Start with a Session-   Twin Flame Reconnection® Session or  the Spirit Subtle Body session will help you cut the time down, unless you have really deep wounds and issues!  Then order the Psyche Subtle Body Session.  See on this site

Twin Flame Body® Practitioner Course in 5 Modules

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Advanced 5D Healing. Love.

Twin Flame Body

Practitioner Course 

Have you made this your Life's work?

Are you capable of Healing at a NEW LEVEL and not be an Empath!  


"Be a Sympath!"


5 Modules. 


Module One Part One starts for $500  


Go at your own Pace, with One on One and Group Coaching. Each module takes approximately 2 months For 5D Activations


If it is your mission to help people become heal and ascend, then please reach out to me. 

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