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What is your situation, are you confused?  Thanks for finding us! 
This is new and we have 15 years of experience to help you. 
We teach you, make you feel, what TWIN FLAME LOVE truly is.  
Put an end to the relationship patterns, and dead end lives.
LGBT+ friendly
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Twin Flame Reconnection®

Twin Flame Ascension
Not everyone gets "activated" at the same time.  This is new so, Twin Flame Love feels different, it uses the Aura/Energy field, more chakras, and your Subtle bodies.  These are a set of 5 "new" ones -a Light Body for the New Paradigm. That's why you cannot really connect with "soul mates", "karmics" or others deeply.  Unsatisfied love lives can be turned around using my Modality-
Meet the one person you are connected to
Twin Flame Reconnection®

Love:  Helping with the Full Integration of Your New Template of 5D Relationship

This in turn helps with your daily life via the following topics, and also assisting in you, yourself getting leveled up, increasing your vibration naturally and maintaining what you have gained. Creating more of what you need.

  • Breathwork using Twin Flame Breath

  • Sleeping issues - Twin Flame Ascension and Sleep - its different! Sleep and dream at a new creative level!

  • Masculine - Feminine Alchemy whatever your sexuality

  • Inner Healing - various chronic or autoimmune

  • Digestive concerns - Gluten and Lactose intolerances

  • Diabetic or other metabolic issues

  • Past Lives Healing and Understanding origin of trauma and illness

  • Angelic Origins

  • Abundance, Career & Mission Creation

  • Divorce  or other types of Breakups

  • Addictions

  • Anxiety

  • Phobias

  • Emotional Growth

  • Spiritual maturity and Growth

  • Sexual traumas

  • Relationships - Family, Children, Parents, Friends

  • Karmic Relationships

  • Suicidal Thoughts/homicidal thoughts or feelings

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Awakening for 5D and Ascension up into it

What is Ascension?

Do you have new feelings?

Some of your Awakening signs are when you feel like you need more contact with nature.  Your Dreams take on deeper meaning. You become more aware of your Self, in fresh ways. Dormant gifts you have begin to make themselves known. 

Reconnecting to Love

We do this by our healing work

Love can make you feel a bit "odd", at first, but Love's purpose initiallyis to push out all traumas, bad childhoods, emotional wounds, addictions and other unwanted things.  Ascension brings these up, prepping you to know what needs healing, then our healing method can heal you, paving the way for a new experience of Love

Meeting a New Person

The way of love is to bring you joy

Have you met a person, this happens every single day, however you do have the proper connections to the right person, the one that matches you, matches your chakras and new light body.  We help you and guide you up to a level that is real love.

Just talk to someone!
Sessions and Healing Sessions

We activate people for 5D Love, after their spiritual Twin Flame awakening

Many people first experience an awakening, but can become easily confused, disillusioned and overwhelmed.  A person can feel many types of "symptoms"!  Multidimensional Energy Healing:  When a persons energy is blocked I can feel it.   I work from a very high level to effect easy healing to your Chakras (Subtle Bodies) and the connection with your true Love. We are here to clear and open new chakras, heal and integrate your New Connections from 5D
A million things can distract you, we teach you how to stay on track with our routine, webinars and sessions.
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Twin Flame Spirit Chat - Just Talk to Someone! 

A Talk Session beyond coaching to guide you

Explore More

Energy Healing

Twin Flame Reconnection® Session

Twin Flame Reconnection® is an 5D High Heart Energy 

Explore More

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Spirit Subtle Body Energy Integration®

For the first major subtle body  The Spirit. 

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Love Events Upcoming

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The Deepest most important part of you for Love Making​

Do not let narcissists abuse you.  Do not allow a "relationship" to make you feel crazy.  We know that "old worn out relationship pattern" too well.  And its not really a "relationship"! Its time to heal. 
But how? Its called your Light Body.  It has outdated things that need unblocking. This part of you can also indicate "mental health" issues, and much more. It goes deep into history for us, all of us.​


Our Twin Flame Practitioners

Let us help you with your Twin Flame Journey!

My Love mission is to help you manifest your REAL LIFE, through your New Twin Flame Body® and Template of 5D Relationship & Romance.

Internationally Recognized Ascension Expert,  Developer of Twin Flame Reconnection® Modality , and Twin Flame Body® (New Light Body). Patricia is an expert on soul mate and twin flame connections for a person's Journey.  With fifteen years of experience, she is a Master Multidimensional Energy Healer & Ascension Coach. How does a former AVP Mortgage Banker & Body Shop owner become a top-level healer? Through the TOUGH Journey! I have truly completed the Ascension Cycles (9) and am here to help make this easy for you. Both of you! Patricia is also a Certified Reiki Master, yet, has deeloped the Twin Flame Reconnection  to account for the energies of the two person's Etheric bodies which are connected.  Patricia also holds certifications in Reconnective Healing, Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Instructor.

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Live groups and events for you to do!


twin flame classes - done locally in the chicago area
watch for our next live

We hold instructional classes to teach you, with workbooks, and diagrams about the New Chakras you hold with your Twin Flame.  How to breathe, clear, heal. 


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