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Sessions and Energy Healing Sessions

Activation for 5D Love, after your Twin Flame awakening

The initial awakening, can be profound, but confusing.  Yet, it is in it that you receive your "life force" which actually is Love, returned to you.  However its easy to become confused, disillusioned and overwhelmed.  A person feels many types of "symptoms"!  Thats why we do Multidimensional Energy Healing:  When a persons energy is blocked I can feel it.   I work from a very high level to effect easy healing to your Chakras (Subtle Bodies) and the connection with your true Love. We are here to clear and open new chakras, heal and integrate your New Connections from 5D
A million things can distract you, we teach you how to stay on track with our routine, webinars and sessions.  I FEEL your Twin Flame and can Guide you appropriately. 
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Twin Flame Spirit Chat - Just Talk to Someone! 

A Talk Session beyond coaching to guide you

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Energy Healing

Twin Flame Reconnection® Session

Twin Flame Reconnection® is an 5D High Heart Energy 

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Spirit Subtle Body Energy Integration®

For the first major subtle body  The Spirit. 

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More than physical,
deeper than spiritual
Healing of the Divine Feminine

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The Deepest most important part of you for Love Making​

you can start even if you're in a relationship or marriage.  Do not let narcissists abuse you.  Do not allow a "relationship" to make you feel crazy.  We know that "old worn out relationship pattern" too well.  And its not really a "relationship"! Its time to heal. 
But how? Its called your Light Body.  It has outdated things that need unblocking. This part of you can also indicate "mental health" issues, and much more. It goes deep into history for us, all of us.​


Primal Love - Reconnect to 5D Love

We Get it. Its crazy, but you're not crazy.  Its wild, like a roller coaster.  Yet, "love" is how you were awakened. You alone hold the new inner light body which is for love.  This is not self improvement this is renewal, healing, and Love.  Does your body matter? Yes! 
Your Soul wants you to get rid of your traumas, all the "mind trash",
outdated beliefs and bad relationships!
Right?  so, lets get you feeling and healing
Feel 5D good through your Etheric Twin Flame Body!

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Twin Flame Reconnection®

Health Issues on your Journey?  we are Intuitives and with my guidance, I can help bridge the physical needs of your body with the metaphysical. 

Four Zone Healing & Wellness® is beyond traditional psychology, psychics, tarot readings.  We are able to go beyond your recent past life to heal you on many levels.  We can reach those Upper and Inner parts that lead to illness and distress.  Further , we take a truly whole person approach, healing, emotional, mental, spiritual & body., by offering energy support, life, nutritional and addiction coaching, maintenance and deeper learning than other people. Join us, you will gain the benefits you deserve!

June 1st at 1000am cst Learn about Ascension about the shift living at a new level.png

Juicing for Ascension      June 8th 10:00am Saturday


Live in Aurora Illinois!  Join our class to learn how to juice, and we will drink the juice and have a good time learning how this simple thing can address how good you can feel on your Ascension and Twin Flame Path.  Learn how important it is for your "other half" when you do this, and how to use it as a "tool". Live with a Q & A.

$8 Reserve your Spot Now! 

Twin Flame Ascension 101    June 1st 10:00am  Saturday

Reserve your spot for $10

Live in Aurora at Aura!  Join our Class to learn about being a Twin Flame, how can you tell if you are a Twin Flame? What to focus on, how can you feel better while starting Ascension? We will teach you how to FEEL, really feel your true Other half, as opposed to looking up someone on the internet or social media. How to stop chasing, running and feeling raw. $80

upcoming webinars & classes

we hold online webinars and events to help your journey

Live Classes in the Chicago area!

What is Twin Flame Ascension?

Ascension Symptoms

What happens as a person becomes aware of this or becomes abruptly awakened?
Well, in this initial stage of the process they need help to ascend "up" into their “love
connection” we call it symptoms. Not just any symptoms,  Ascension Symptoms, and there is about a two year path that an individual will follow. It brings similar enough patterns that I have created a modality to help people find comfort, easiness and their new level. Plus fabulously sensual experiences of love. In the
beginning you may experience 

Assisting with your first awakening, we do further 5D activations.
We teach you, & guide you via the proper Breathwork, the proper  Movements and more!

We hold monthly webinars, live classes, Full & New Moon events to help you move smoothly through your Journey! Even in separation, (especially in separation!)

We teach "Maintain and Prevent"

Twin Flame Connections, several Activations and meditations as well as Breathwork. In the process you will receive several activations and easily release and purge out unwanted old patterns and paradigm connections.

Transforming Lives is Primal!
you are truly connected to one person! As a result they can affect you! You can influence them!
Since 2007, Twin Flame Reconnection®
has been dedicated to helping our clients live life to the fullest. To be their best Self. In 2014 I created Four Zone Healing®, our holistic approach to a spiritual awakening, health and overall wellness focuses on the mind-body-spirit-energy connection. This helps you to achieve an entirely New Level of healing, and as a result, optimal health.  Explore our site to learn more about our mission and the services and webinars we offer.
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5D Twin Flame Love starts via the full Integration of Your New Template of 5D Relationship

Natural Light Portrait

"So take your chances, you forgot how nice romance is, you havent been there for the longest time!"

At Twin Flame Reconnection® we believe that true wellness come from within. It is sparked and elevated from above from your Higher Self

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My Love mission is to help you manifest your REAL LIFE, through your New Twin Flame Body® and Template of 5D Relationship & Romance.

Internationally Recognized Ascension Expert,  Developer of Twin Flame Reconnection® Modality , and Twin Flame Body® (New Light Body). Patricia is an expert on soul mate and twin flame connections for a person's Journey.  With fifteen years of experience, she is a Master Multidimensional Energy Healer & Ascension Coach. How does a former AVP Mortgage Banker & Body Shop owner become a top-level healer? Through the TOUGH Journey! I have truly completed the Ascension Cycles (9) and am here to help make this easy for you. Both of you! Patricia is also a Certified Reiki Master, and has been guided to create and develop the Twin Flame Reconnection method to account for the energies of the two person's Etheric bodies which are connected.  Patricia also holds certifications in Reconnective Healing, Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Mindfulness and Certified Meditation Instructor.

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