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Reconnect yourself , your Twin to 5D for Healing, to release the past for 5D Love
Twin Flame Reconnection®

The fastest, easiest, delightfully efficient way to manifest, your health, your mental health, and the 5D love connection is through healing and releasing the old blueprint using my modality. You were awakened to do just that: Integrate a brand new blueprint.  We are Healers, Teachers, and Coaches teaching about the New Light Body.  We assist you in the Integration of your brand new Light Body, new chakras, and Marma connection points.  Every person is intended to heal from harms, trauma, hatred, self esteem, anger issues, addictions and self harm. End the cycle of Karma now.
LGBT+ friendly
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Integration and Multidimensional Sessions
We activate people for 5D, after their spiritual awakening, to be a Twin Flame

Many people first experience an awakening, but can become easily confused, disillusioned and overwhelmed.  Multidimensional Energy Healing:  When a persons energy is blocked I can feel it.   I work from a very high level to effect easy healing to your Chakras (Subtle Bodies) and the connection with your true Love. We are here to clear and open new chakras, heal and integrate your New Connections from 5D
A million things can distract you,   stay on track with our routine, webinars and sessions.
Spending the Day Outside

Twin Flame Spirit Chat - Just Talk to Someone! 

A Talk Session beyond coaching to guide you, sort out confusion, determine your next steps and help you to understand the nature of the connection. Learn your color ray, your angelic lineage. When you have had an awakening, or feel overwhelmed, please start here! I can distinguish a soul mate from twin flame energy. Far beyond a tarot reading and will help you to be precise and guided. One Hour via zoom or phone ($150 no energy work is done| no refunds)​

Alternative Therapy

Twin Flame Reconnection® Session

Twin Flame Reconnection® is an 5D High Heart Energy session which will open your initial 5D High Heart connections.  As we open your 5D Heart & Throat Chakra, we help you Integrate and Reconnect to Twin Flame' Eheric Body. We make recommendations for the two weeks following and provide recording.  (no refunds) We recommend to have several sequential sessions (8 of them). Energy healing and integration is done.  This session is specifically for the Integration of the New Template.  We provide instructions for what to do in the week following your Session.  1 hour via zoom or phone $180 (No Refunds)​

Video Consultation

Spirit Subtle Body Energy Integration®

For the first major subtle body: The Spirit.  The human spirit is run by ego, now that is shifting to the much larger SPIRIT.  Healing and Integration to assist you to Uplevel, heal, and be well.  You feel better in the very first session, however we recommend 3 sessions to focus you. Your Spirit will run your life, not your Ego so this is an important session. Especially good for breakups, lawsuits, addictions, work situations and if you have children.  One hour via zoom or phone $190 (no refunds)

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Psyche Subtle Body Session The Deepest most important part of you for Love Making​

This part of you is indicated by "mental health" issues, and much more. It goes deep into history for us, all of us.​

Current psychology methods work with some aspects of the physical body, and the Ego Mind, yet these can be insufficient because "talking" does not integrate the new healthy light body!  Mental health professionals are overwhelmed with sheer numbers. Some of the things that can affect you are common, yet a person cannot always understand it is a part of their own awakening process.​  We help with the following and much more.

  • Sleepless nights, waking up at the same time like 3:00am, brutal visceral nightmares​

  • Rape, sexual attacks, toxic relationships and marriage; Circumcisions mutilation.

  • Suicidal thoughts, ideations and attempts​

  • Homicidal thoughts, Irrational hostility, rage, violent thoughts and ideations.  ​

  • Phobias, intent to harm, paranoia, psychotic episodes; Bipolar, Manic Depressive

  • Major depression with deep desolation episodes

  • Post partem depression, menopausal depressive episodes

  • Seeing and hearing "entities" 

If you feel you need Deep Healing, please book a session and fill out the intake form please, it will help us to help you better! 8 Sequential Sessions recommended, and strictly following instructions.  We also will recommend possible medical follow ups and not stopping your meds but stopping recreational drugs & alcohol for best optimal results.  Stop being sick and tired of being sick and tired! ($200 per session no refunds.)

My Love mission is to help you manifest your REAL LIFE, through your New Twin Flame Body® and Template of 5D Relationship & Romance.

Internationally Recognized Ascension Expert,  Developer of Twin Flame Reconnection® Modality , and Twin Flame Body® (New Light Body). Patricia is an expert on soul mate and twin flame connections for a person's Journey.  With fifteen years of experience, she is a Master Multidimensional Energy Healer & Ascension Coach. How does a former AVP Mortgage Banker & Body Shop owner become a top-level healer? Through the TOUGH Journey! I have truly completed the Ascension Cycles (9) and am here to help make this easy for you. Both of you! A certified Reiki Master, this is to specifically work with people who have become activated with a spiritual awakening. My modality also accounts for 5D Love energy, along with the energies of the two person's Etheric bodies which are connected.  Additionally I have certifications from Reconnective Healing, Certified Yoga Instructor, Certified Mindfulness and Meditation Instructor.

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