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Love Stories, New Beginnings.


Twin Flames are the Lovers of Grand Magnificent Proportions and Everything Great and Small.  Your Time is Now, to fully integrate everything you have ever  Loved together, and to put it back into your Soul in its proper array.  Your Love Story is unique and is expanding out into the Entire Universe as you will be now healed, repaired and restored within each other.  

Twin Flame Reconnection -  Get Your Life Back!


HEALING!   This is about YOU.  Your Spiritual Journey and everything that revolves around it .  How to clear your past, heal old wounds, heal inner child issues.  Get Healing and feel again.  Feel Awesome! and Feel Loved.

Everything revolves around a person going through Ascension from their love life, family life, ancestry, childhood,  wounded inner child, and when you take that times two people,  well,  that can be quite the challenge. Especially when you care for each other.


I am here to assist you with the real and true connections you need to begin thriving.  I do not use cards, or other objects to help you.  It is very simple,  I read your Heart.  Not just your human heart, who wants to be in Love, but the part of you which is truly connected on a spiritual level because that is where I am able to do this from. 

I am Patricia McNeilly, a Master of  5D Twin Flame Ascension.  I  help you embrace your Journey. 


Does this include Love?  Yes it has to!  I make this easy for people.  

The only way it really operates well is "IN LOVE"  in other words....I teach you how to Envelope in your Soul Love Connection from which you heal and grow.


Using my modality makes Integration of you, and the New Chakras which are connections to your 5D selves, much easier than ever before......why dabble?  Get yourself the top quality modality that you deserve, because  LOVE HEALS!!

dba Twin Flames Merge (501c3 status in process)

2021 is your Year!

Become, Embody, Embrace the Love you Once Felt....feel again and again!


Twin Flame Session

Online or Phone

It helps to just talk to someone who understands what you are going through.  Just talk to someone !  When you begin speaking, your own High Heart Connections begin to open, this enables sorting and lifting up your connections from the Throat Chakra.  This is the beginning.  Once this occurs I am able to feel very easily where things are blocked, stuck and require movement and focus.  This is about YOU!

Topics may be

  • a person you've met:  are they or not?

  • are you a Twin Flame?

  • Body Symptoms weird or Ascension ?

  • Do you read for others but cannot read yourself?

  • your origins Angelic & Color Rays

  • Family history and ancestry

  • Inner Child issues. 

This can be used to address Abandonment, Rejection, and healing.  Topics may also include break ups, identifying health issues pertaining to ascension.  Angelic lineage and color rays.  Holistic and Practical guidance and suggestions will be made for your comfort and ease to a New Ascended Level!  Note: Some people begin to feel the benefits start as soon as they book!  Don't wait!  No energy work is done. 

Feel GOOD again!


Natural Beauty

Cosmic Heart Reconnection

Zoom/Online or Phone

Are you stuck?  Need an Energy Boost? aches pains hard to breathe?  Leaving the old paradigm, this may become apparent in what is NOT happening in your life.  Do you wish to leave the old level behind? Are you expecting to leave old situations, perhaps divorce? Are you feeling very stuck in your life?  Entering your New life requires your new Chakras and Divine Connections with a 6D Activation.  You will do well and notice within days a sense of such inner balance and drive you will begin anew to enjoy your Journey home to Love.  This also paves the way for a Multi-Level activation which is for your physical Body and the Etheric Body Integration.  I will outline this during your session and instructions as to what to do in the following days.  This session will help feel your deep connections of divine masculine and feminine alchemy.   Twin Flame Healing by Reconnection $200

Spirit Subtle Body Session

Twin Flame Healing by Reconnection

$180 Hello,  this is an integration session,  Integration session to help your new chakras be pulled toward you. Energy and shifting work is done.  5 are necessary to assist you in integrating the new Levels of your Spirit.  This is a Subtle body session and will include energy work.  I will provide guidance as what happens in the session can continue in the days or week following, due to many old connections purging out.  I will work with you to help you during your session.


Integration session to help your new chakras be integrated.  Energy and shifting work is done.

healing hands.jpg

In Person Energy Healing Session

One on One, In Person

Twin Flame (Etheric) Healing by Reconnection  - In Person

Each person in the Unification Process is required to address their lifestyle, family biological, and past ascension and physical symptoms.  Only the person themselves can with my help.  I intuit the areas where you do affect each other.  With gentle, yet high, 5 through 9th Dimensional assistance I guide your Etheric connections higher.  Please see videos below to see the Healing Centre I work at.  (3-4 sessions recommended spaced out)

Be calm, be free of the past!  



Twin Flame Reconnection (c) is my website if you are seeking, wondering, and need help getting started.  If this is new to you, you are in good hands with me, it is daunting with all the info and I make it easy with simple talking and guidance.

Are you disillusioned or confused with all the psychology talk about narcissists and such?

Do you really just want your Life back?   then please reach out to me for a session! I specialize in it!




If you have deep wounds traumas, sexual trauma, suicidal issues please have a session with me. Select from the Integration session for the New 5D Template or the Psyche Session


DO YOU WISH TO MAKE THIS YOUR LIFE"S WORK?   then please learn the new body, the marma points and new chakras for 5-8 dimensional connections


Twin Flame Body Pracitioner - 

I am Patricia McNeilly, a teacher and healer of the new Template of Relationship from 5D.  It is integrated with my help and sealed in with love!  That is why it is also a Template of Romance.  I have been through so many purgings and healings and have helped hundreds of people over twelve years.  I look forward to helping you.  Twin Flame Reconnection  is my trademark modality.  Twin Flame Reconnection dba Twin Flames Merge until 501c3 Status comes through  Twin  Flame Body  is  trademark and copyright of Twin Flame Body Inc.

Must be 18 years old. For Information purposes and I encourage consulting Doctors, lawyers  and other professionals for further help and check ups if needed.

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