Love Stories, New Beginnings. ​


Twin Flames are the Lovers of Grand Magnificent Proportions and Everything Great and Small.  Your Time is Now, to fully integrate everything you have ever  Loved together, and to put it back into your Soul in its proper array.  Your Love Story is unique and is expanding out into the Entire Universe as you will be now healed, repaired and restored within each other.  All stories below are short synopsis of actual couples I have worked with. 

The Famous Musician Singer

The "unawake" Singer had no idea the effect her voice would have upon her Twin miles away.   The Famous Singer had no idea that all the Passion, Fury, Romance,& Lyrics were emanating from WITHIN the Love of the Union with her Twin.   Literally knocking her Twin onto the Floor, crumpled in tears of joy and pain.   It would send the Twin into a 25 Year journey of healing and discovery.   Just the vibration of the voice alone, over a tiny radio was enough to ENLIVEN the Counterpart with Kundalini Rushes.  She KNEW this WOMAN was her Beloved,  here to claim her.  Yet, The abrupt awakening would leave the person weakened, resulting in "out -of -body" eperiences, and in a sense of "dying 1000 deaths" while expecting the Reunion.    Years of collapsing past, parallel life remembrances, which triggered illness (Diabetes, Kidney Failure, Cataracts, Neuropathy, Lymphodema)-only to recover each time from the brink of death.   The Twin KNEW to the core of her Essence that their first KISS upon REUNION would merge their SOUL Back Together- FOREVER.

The Gay Male Lover/Husband

The Young Man had dated women all his life, in fact from the time he was a boy, girls were always drawn to him.  One Day, a look across the room instantly burned off his former sexuality in one fell swoop, he knew without a doubt that he was going to be with a Man.   Years of denial and also of trying to "fit"  and make things work would only delay the inevitable.   He finally would act upon the inner feeling and explore,  only to find that nothing seemed to click,  not the beautiful women,  nor the strong and sensitive, handsome men he met, when he grew up.    Nothing could stop the beautifully fluid erotically sensual dream Lover,  who was everything  he had ever known was POSSIBLE in another place.    He met the ONE,  in person,  at his doctors  office when he least expected to, and he was indeed the Man of his dreams.

Twin Flames are destined to meet- If you are Incarnate then so is your Twin!  Dating cannot hold a candle to the immense Love that you, yourself have already planned for Yourself!   Love will find you and will be Wild and Free- like Nature and Sweet and Sensual,  and feel as though it is beyond this world.   Anything and  Everything  will be an Adventure with your Beloved!!

The Award Winning Twin Flame

The young lady was a devout Catholic.  She did not know how to explain the beautiful Angel who had come to her again and again for years and made beautiful love to her.     She resisted and tried to date, and even became involved with an Italian gigolo whom she barely knew and yet became very involved with.   His excesses would almost be her undoing except for her beautiful Angel Lover who told her to just get out.    Her Star was rising and she very much took this information as God's Truth for her.  Everything seemed to move very quickly as her former paramour was investigated she knew that her beautiful Angel had arranged for her protection.   For years, while her star rose, and she lightened up,  within the Limelight,  her Angel benevolently and lovingly cared for their Union and told her she would begin to appear in her life.    She waited and while waiting  met a beautiful young man whom she felt had the same energy as her beautiful Angel.    But how to explain the differences?  She knew, beyond a doubt that it was not able to be connected in every way that her dreams had shown her.  It gave her excruciating headaches, and yet  the show must go on.   and In the context of her chosen calling,  Acting,  she was  able to feel  fully Transformed and Loved.    All the while knowing the day would come when she would have to not only support LGBT causes but to declare herself  as a  lover of a woman,  her Angel incarnated.  Their Reunion would be so very soon

The Married Twin Lover

He didn't know why God had given him such a sensual High Sex drive.   He was a member of a Fortune 500 Company, a high powered man, yet felt powerless over the circumstances of his life. He dutifully went to religion, and more and more felt unfulfilled by the life he had built.  His every waking thought and dreams were of the Young Goddess he had met,  whom he had never ever, ever had sex with,  yet was overwhelmingly magnetized to.  He felt his Heart thumping at the very thought of her,  he beleived he would go into cardiac arrest sometimes.  The Conflicts of leading a 3rd dimensional marriage, as a husband and father, were out of context of what he felt his Soul was telling him,  his every nerve and cell screaming to be set free.   The doors all felt like they were closing upon him, leading him to her more and more, and still he was frozen.  How to break free from the religious edicts that had told him he would forever damage his Soul  if he divorced?  and yet,  how not to?   He knew that in order to fully BE with his Heart he would have to take action and overcome the tremendous fear.

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