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“Long Distance Couple now Married”  he loved and cared enough to make his transformation and help hers, wanting to be with her. 

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Case Studies

What I mean when I say FEEL THE LOVE

When LOVE prevails, you become healed, moved to safety, security and unharmed, ready to experience REAL LOVE!


11 years later, She finally gave up her FALSE TWIN

Heather W. had not had a session in about 5 years.. she thought she knew this.  But she needed my professional help to unblock her.  She had blocks in understanding why this person she was fixated on would not respond.  She hung in for 11 years "holding space".  Within two sessions, she realized he was "gay" and would never be interested nor could they connect and that he was not, NOT could not be her Twin Flame!  She got rid of that block that quickly in two sessions.  It works fast to disentangle.  We wish she had come sooner but was glad she did, perhaps within 11 years she would have had a happier time !  Get in touch to learn more!  Have a Spirit Subtle Body Session or a Spirit Chat!



She met a man, in person, he was a smooth talking "new age" type of guy, who was into "white tantra", but he neglected to reveal he was still using drugs...he took advantage of her hospitality, and also got her pregnant, unfortunately due to his drug use, the infant baby would be born malformed, birth defects and probably be stillborn....still he insisted on having sex, even though her body rebelled against him she could not see the signs...within 2 sessions, she could see him for what was really happening, the deceit, the lies, and now a baby which would be stillborn.  She broke up with him before he could hurt her further or scam her money.  This was an extreme case of "trying to love" an addict, you cannot "heal" somebody's addiction who is NOT your true twin, and false twins will always be rejected by your body!  other variations of this are the  "Green Card" husband, who only loves getting his immigration papers!  Have a Spirit Subtle Body session.


"loving" a Scam Artist

Braley T. had a man, "groom her", whom she never met, never saw, claim he was a famous person, but he sent her money to "purchase bitcoin", yes he got her to launder money for his scam!  All the time he was sweet talking her, and she became very upset and angry at never meeting was part of his modus operandi!  Within her second session, the FBI came knocking on her door wanting to know more about the scam, her involvement with it.  With my coaching she got rid of this false person, the FBI, and the entire thing. This left a wound, hurt her, but she was truly unharmed and recovered quickly from this "false love interest!"  Do NOT pay for love!  Pay for coaching, healing, learning, not for love!  Have a Spirit Subtle Body Session!



Arlene M. had some hard knocks and a bad marriage, so the twin flame seemed to be a blessing,  until it wasnt.  The man she "thought" it was, never responded, and in fact seemed to lead her on, speak in "code" and do other tricky things like not leaving his wife.  However this man was a false twin, handing her back her love force, her life force her essence, only a messenger...not her real Twin Flame.  But she became so angry, she had a session, the first one in 18 months, ready to kill him,  then kill herself, because really "how dare he" ignore her, and how could she continue living! the deep rage was palpable, but she confessed she had a loaded gun in her lap, ready!  within the next 30 minutes of her session, this rage, I made it go, it just "popped" and deflated, and I was able to move her energy sufficiently so that she could feel herself again, and she continued to do the work and got rid of the gun.  Everybody is still alive, and the man?  he never knew how close he was to being killed.  It can happen that fast! but so can LOVE and healing!  it is Miraculous.  Do not wait with your anger, rage depression, homicidal thoughts or suicidal thoughts get the help you neeed which is for your deep Psyche!  have a Psyche Subtle Body Session!  you will be glad!

Success defined.

My name is Patricia McNeilly

Helping people find success on their journey, doing what we say, and following through, it is what defines our mission.  Success can be an equitable divorce, a new career, a betterment of health, ridding oneself of an addiction or toxic relationship, effective breakups with soul mates, and ultimately being with someone who loves us!  Our goal is for the highest and best of you, and being truly with your Twin Flame.  That is all our recipes for success, to trust in the healing power of love and to LOVE AGAIN! 

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How People Love us!

I am a student of Patricia McNeilly,

I have been following her guidance for almost five years now. I recently participated in her Monthanar (my Term) Webinar. I found waking up every morning I had much more to look forward to as I logged on to absorb her lessons.  It is in a group setting and I liked how I had to option just to watch unseen or participate. Participating really enhances the learning experience. Patricia was always open and receptive to questions about the subject matter and encouraged them. I really like how she used her book as an outline and course tool as a learning enhancement. The high level instruction she receives is top shelf in my opinion and her true motivation is to help all Twins self prepare and gain the abilities to adjust into new bodies. We are cruising at higher altitudes now and need to learn how to acclimatize and utilize our new abilities. My self growth and progress in my journey with my twin has truly advanced us to a healthier more positive place and I know our reunion is just around the corner.... Do the work it is worth it! Even if your twin is no where is sight, by doing this you will be bringing them closer. Patricia will show you how you get your body up and running it is up to you to be diligent.


Thank you Patricia for your  dedication to the Twin Flame Body and I look forward to future courses with you. 

Michelle A / Canada

Hey Patricia!   

I really enjoyed the webinar and feel that I gained a lot from it. One of the main things that I gained was just the structure and accountability effect. Even though I wasn't able to attend that many live sessions due to my work schedule, I read the book in its entirety during the course of the webinar, and I applied a lot of the techniques from it to focus on clearing mental/emotional as well as sexual energy. Clearing sexual attachments and sexual interest in soulmates and others has been a major focus for me this year, and using the ver oil around the time of the full moon and lavender since then has really helped me to detach from lustful feelings and sexual responses in a powerful way. It's still a process, but I can see a major difference that is more powerful than I had expected. I also had a major clearing of mental/emotional energy using the [recommended] essential oils and body movements, and I have been practicing the twin flame breath more consistently to tremendous effect. Since finishing the book and since the close of the webinar, I have shifted my focus to cultivating the romance energy in ways as you have described. I had completely lost touch with the romantic side of all of this, and I have found that your practical advice has been effective in starting to fan that ember so that it can grow bigger for me.


I have been buying fresh flowers for myself as guided to do so, and I currently have a pink lily plant sitting on my dining room table. I have also ordered seeds to grow wildflowers and will be making little "dedication to love" sculptures very soon.  I'm closing out one of my 2 jobs now and have decided to keep my work schedule at a more balanced level going forward. My question for you is -- would it be better for me to attend the next webinar, or should I just dive into the practitioner's course? I want to enroll in the practitioner's course after I finish wrapping up this job, and to be honest given your time slots I don't think I'll have time to participate in the live webinar.  I'm going to book you for a personal session soon so we can discuss this then if you like. Take care!

Sean B. / Virginia

Hi, I participated in Patricia’s love and relationship seminar.


I really enjoyed it and felt the timing was perfect as we are all dealing with the collective energies of fear and separation. The information was presented amazingly , the exercises and bonus books we received are a great resource that we can continue to read and apply. Patricia also put together guidelines for meditations and exercises and how to apply essential oils to each meditation.


Well worth the time. I recommend Patricia’s courses they are very personalized and you get to interact and share with other participants in the comfort of your home utilizing zoom.


If you are not able to make every class you have the recordings sent so you can listen and apply at your own pace. A lot of great information and guidance. 

Very well done!

Tihana M. / Canada

I found Patricia by "accident" when I was lost and confused in my connection with my Beloved a few years ago and she was and still is a beacon of light and hope.


Patricia has a naturally strong, grounded honest energy, a born teacher and a delightfully witty sense of humor, I felt connected to her from our first Skype session. When I look back Patricia's predictions about my Twin were all spot on as she confirmed my own intuition about the situation. Even as her work has grown and expanded over the years she always made time to answer my emails and fit me in for a chat.


All the extra guidance and support she has given has kept me steadily on my path towards union physically and the expansion of developing my own metaphysical gifts. Thank you Patricia for being part of my journey home.

Belza H. / Melbourne Aus

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