Twin Flame Ascension and Breath

  • In this second book, I teach you about the beginning awareness of the Light Body.  Within this are the following topics:


    • A Glossary of common and confusing terminology
    • Love, Twin Flame Love and Life
    • Being Guided  
    • Your Ascension
    • Ascension Symptoms, what are they?
    • Healing, Activations, and Symptoms
    • The Etheric Body: Sensing, Feeling , and Experiencing
    • Your Etheric Body and the Old Paradigm Structure
    • The Etheric Body 
    • Current Time, Timeline Shifts, and Ancient Lines
    • Feeling Crazy as well as Strange
    • Sex, Sexual Energy and Urges
    • Actively being Sexual and Masturbation
    • You have levels of Yourself
    • High Heart Body Channels
    • Breath, Breathing properly for your Light Body
    • Proper Breathing and Relief
    • Etheric Breath and Exercise
    • Instruction Diagram
    • Movement and Breath go together
    • Move it or ”Lose” it
    • Walking helps your Inflow Channels to Open

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