Ascension Sleep & Love

    • Twin Flames and The Great Dis-Entangling of Soul Mates
    • Its Complicated! Love at Multidimensional Levels
    • Feeling Overwhelmed and Rather Sick
    • Sealing Your Stargates, Gateways and Cosmic Portals
    • Your Heart, The Human Heart and Cosmic Heart
    • Time, Quantum time and Moving Your Timelines 
    • The Elevation Process and Dimensional Connections
    • The New Ascended Level and the Old Paradigm 
    • Cosmic Level Healing
    • Leveling Up -The New Ascended Level of Living
    • Sleeping in your Light Body at the New Level
    • Physical Sleep Patterns, The Changes and Healing
    • Your Dreams, Dreamtime and The Connection to Earth
    • Acclimating Yourself to your New Level
    • Sleeping Diagrams - Sleeping in your Light Body
    • Emotions and your Heart connection
    • The Angelic Heart
    • Elevating during Sleep Time
    • Descending - The Process
    • Being Accountable and Getting Back to what are Essentials
    • The Nature of Love and thank you for being here

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