1. The Broken Promises-Divine Level Healing ($50)

2. Cosmic Grid is Complete                         

3. Receiving and Opening

4. Focus of UNION not Individuation

5. Continuing to CONNECT -Yourself & Your Twin & Pulling them-Videos to Assist YOU in moving forward--Lovers Clearing of "Old Homes" High Heart to Soul Star Adjustment &Forgiveness for All Timelines

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The Divine Lovers - November for Love-Cosmic Body Reconnection




 Entire Rainbow Spectrum Of the Rays


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Welcome to my December Webinar ($50) 

In this one I cover the Following Topics:

1. Being in Love & Your Mission

2.All About the COLOR RAYS - Colors of your Soul

3.The Blue Ray "Rod & Staff" Powerful Unions

4.Clearing Out KARMA from your VISION & Helping your Twin to stop seeing others!

5.Role of Other Twin Flames (Seraphim, Cherubim & Ophanim)

6. RELEASE & Extraction of ESCAPISM; ANGER RAGE & DESPAIR- from you, your Twin & Your Union

Note: all my Webinars Build upon each other- you always have access to them once purchased.  My Exercises bring results. You are able to release things at your own pace and move along without always having a Session, yet I am available to read or have a Session with you or you & your Twin.

True Personal Union & Empowerment through Love!
All are LGBT friendly




A Twin Flame,  also commonly called a Twin Soul,  is The Other Half of your Soul.   You were created as One, and there is only ONE Twin Flame, with the exact matching vibration in the Entire Universe.



 The Return of your LIFE! Daily living in Multidimensionality
The Return of your Life - Daily Living in Multidimensionality  May 2015

In this Webinar I will cover several  subjects  that are very pertinent for those people who have either met their Twin Flame in the Etheric or the Physical

 ($40)      Topics include:

1.  Before & After Awakening

2.  Pain & Health Concerns -Emotional Pain

3.  The Males in Union

4.  Reproductive Parts of Men & Women

5.  Lower Chakras & Old Soul Groups

6.  The Polarity Shift

7.  The Children of the Future

There is also  suggestion for body adjustment,   which includes 3 Videos along with Nutritional support suggestions.   Please copy & paste link into your browser!






Devoted to Goddess/God's Divine Plan of  Reuniting Twin Flames & bringing home the members of my Soul Family/Group,  Many of whom are Celebrities, or in the Public Eye- to each other.

"Twin Flames are Divine Source Love Incarnate and express along the  Spectrum of Sacred Sexuality - Many people who are Angelic Illumined Twin Flames have agreements with their Twin to incarnate into the same gender body  and are known as  Gay, Lesbian in the World. LGBT people are Collapsing all obstacles to True Love. "

The NEW Angelic Light Body in Transition!

(March/April 2015)



This Webinar I cover many aspects of your Brand New Light Body, as well as 5 Videos to demonstration ways to get clear, & get the Love in!  This is for people who may not physically be with their Twin Flame yet, as well as Couples.  Hetero, & LGBT Twin Flames.  I also include suggestions for nutritional support. I cover the following topics:

  •  The NEW vs. The Primeval

  • Out of the Etheric Realm & into the Physical

  • Going back UP the way you “Downgraded”


  • Adjustments to the Endocrine System & Metabolism

  • Clearing your Love Bubble                                

  • Building the Internal Anchor & Support for your Body    

  • SPECIFIC information especially for BLUE RAY, RED  & GOLDEN RAY OF THE GOLDEN SUN TWIN FLAMES          ($40.00)




      BEING IN THE NEW LIFE!!    JUNE 2015


 The VERY NEW PART of you and your Twin Flame is going to be connecting to you deeply.   My Webinar is intended to assist you in Release of Old Mental-Emotional Body "issues" -from You and your Twin Flame.

I have Two Videos of Positions to Prime your NEW inner Chakras & the Connecting Channels.


  • A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far Away- your DORMANT Connections Are ALIVE!

  • Your INDIVIDUAL HIGH SPIRIT BODY ( 5th Subtle Body)-Replaces the Ego-Psyche

  • The Sweetness!-  Blood & Sugar - Spleen, Blood, Lymph, Bone Marrow, Respiration

  • There's a Fungus among Us! - Inflammations, & Chronic Conditions

  • Portals, Cycles & Galactic Elevation - Getting Higher for Re-Union

  • FINANCES - New Connections to your Higher Self, Timelines & Etheric Compensation

  • Basic Maintenance - at ANY Level of Physical Living

  • Special information for Blue Rays!  ($40)

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  • Sacred Sexual burning off OLD connections

  • Releasing old 3D Relations & SEX

  • True Heart Communication & Clearing to do it

  • Gridwork, Portals, Solstices, cosmic Energies

  • Flying Together & Elevating 

  • Exercises to easily RELEASE the old connections for you AND your Twin Flame

  • Special information for Blue Rays!  ($40)

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Harvesting your Love July Webinar!

http://www.anymeeting.com/PIID=EC50D681804A3B          (September 2015)

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1. Universal Causal-Soul Body & Ego Breaking away

2.Mental Emotional Ego Breakup

3.Divorce & Dismantling - Spiritual & Financial

4.Cosmic Body - adjustments and alleviations

5. Karma Clearing - ( marriages, relationships especially)

6 Positions on Video to assist you:  ($40)

  • Early Morning Primer

  • Lover's High Heart Clearing

  • Interpersonal Clearing Universal Karma

  • Clear the Emotional Body

  • Blue Ray & Golden Ray Elevating

  • Diamond Love Bubble    

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 Universally Free to FLY 

Long have I waited for your coming home to me and living deeply our new Life



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