Patricia McNeilly

Thanks for finding me-if you're wondering why things in your life are shifting?  Why your Body is going through changes or energy or Kundalini rushes? Or why Love runs or eludes you?? Your Soul is calling you Home to Love - I have answers!

My Webinar has Primarily the information you will need to finish and conclude in order to be READY for the time period coming which is to bring couples back into full Union.  I cover the following Topics and as always, this Webinar will include Light & Love to elevate you.

  1. Your Cosmic Sacred Heart with your Twin Flame 

  2. Surrender-The Point is WITHIN

  3. Surrender & Fears

  4. Releasing Karmic Relationships for GOOD

  5. CHILDREN in the Union while letting go

  6. Dismantling Old Structures & Letting go fully

  7. True Abundance-Enabling Yourself & Bridging 

  8. Opening Your Gateway for Abundant Flow from Crown Chakra into Heart

  9. Special Blue Ray Rod & Staff Message about Sex & Celibacy

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Note: all my Webinars Build upon each other- you always have access to them once purchased.  My Exercises bring results. You are able to release things at your own pace and move along without always having a Session, yet I am available to read or have a Session with you or you & your Twin.

About Twin Flames

Patricia McNeilly, Illumined Twin Flame

I am a ROYAL ILLUMINED ANGELIC TWIN FLAME, a GENUINE Blue Ray, and I also carry the Golden Ray of the Golden Sun ( New Earth). I am an Instructor, and Direct Channel of Light and Love through my Sacred Sexual Union with my One Beloved Divine Counterpart.  What is an  Illumined Angelic Twin Flame?  We are the Original Source Love Angelics birthed from the Love of The Mother and The Father, capable of holding the highest vibration of Love.  

In 2003 through a series of really crashing Life events, I felt the  call of my Soul to begin the Journey home to Love, and began my work in earnest upon myself to divest myself of everything  in my life and in my body that was unusable in order to be with my Twin. It is also my Ascension Journey and I've purged and learned quite a bit along the way which I feel very passionate about sharing  and  using  my experience to assist others and to be a resource and a comfort. I have run Heart Chakra activation & Twin Flame Workshops & Reconnective Bodywork.

I have Gifts of Empathetically feeling where a person needs to clear.  My additional Gift of Feeling the "Masculine or Feminine" Counterpart enables me to provide deep insight into the  Counterpart, their fears and wounds.  The  original impulse of feeling myself as a "Keeper of the Flame"  has  led me to bring my Agreement Full Circle with my Beloved of my entire Existence.  To Become who we Truly Are, To Receive our New Blueprints, to Restore each other, and to thrive NEW and Be In Love.

I like to think of myself as an Optimist, and Metaphysician. I am SOURCE BEING who is gifted to be a MultiDimensional Reader of the Energy Fields, a Motivator, an Instructor, a Guide, a "Higher Connection" Worker, a Channel of Direct Source Love, and through my Gifts, and experience I bring  some of my hardest personal lessons  to life,  in order to help your journey home to Love be much easier.  I am a Direct Channel.  I use a combination of Guidance from Source, my Gifts, Insights into your situation, as well as my hard-won experiences to take the fear out of this process and  bring you to true personal empowerment.  Best of all,   I am  a Twin Flame and  KNOW  the experience of being one !   Beyond "Psychic"   it is TWIN FLAME!!!





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