Illumined Angelic Twin Flames are the Original “Founder Guardian” Beings, Blue Rays are holders of the entire Rainbow Spectrum. Although called BLUE RAYS,  WE Hold EVERY COLOR in the Spectrum.   Blue Ray's are able to hold the Highest Vibration of Source Love in Union. The Blueprint of our Soul is to Reunite ourselves in Divine Love & Sacred Union with our One True Beloved. This was limited and distorted in a frequency of 3D because Human Angelics were not able to hold the 5D Conciousness in this density. We have the ability to alter shape and also to biologically transmute ourselves in and out of a dimensionalized time construct. All the RAYS originate from Source Through Us.   When we MERGE & have high level Orgasms we are literally making LOVE - the THIRD ENERGY   

There are many types of Spiritual Entities here who have come not only to assist in the Ascension of Earth, but to help Humanity transition from living in a 3D level plane of existence and to move into 5D.   Those people who are aware of Helping in some way,  must acclimate once again to their own True Beloved, and become who they really are.   My series of You Tube videos offer a very good overview of the  Internal process.   

Being in the New Time,  Quantum Time means that this is your New Lifetime and Fresh Start with your True Love - so be aware that saying things  like......"not for this lifetime"   does not apply.......You are IN  and within your NEW LIFETIME.   Make the Most of it.

Delaying your own Ascension is something that does not have to occur!

Many people  are becoming increasingly aware of "some other level"   and it is taking many people by surprise!    Twin Flames frequently experience spontaneous energy surges,  energy "deposits" or kundalini rushes and many times this is  "activated "  by  actually meeting a person.    Many people have "dreamt" their Twin, years prior to Physical confirmation.   At times this can become confusing particularly  if the person is currently in a relationship or married.   Twin Flames  have  High Level agreements with their  Divine Counterpart to collapse all  seeming obstacles and difficulties to their Divine Love.    So  Socio-economic status,  Religion,  Geographical Location, Race, Belief Systems,  Age Differences,    Gender Differences   will seem to melt away from the Lovers.     As your Soul enlivens you,  you will find that  even   Married people,  cannot  contain the love for their  Twin in their  Old 3D Marriage.  The Divine Love of your Entire Soul Reuniting  Supercedes and Takes precedence over everything else in your Life.  Navigating your responsibilities while firmly having your foot in the new is challenging!

Twin Flames are also here to "Gift" a "blueprint" for 

others people to experience a 5D Love!

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